Our territory is precious and at the same time in danger, like the rest of the world, so we are attentive and willing to work with all those who share our principles, which inspire our work every day, which focuses on agritourism, Tourism promotes the following principles:

  • “hospitality”, with our 5 rooms and the restaurant, based on recipes of the typical Elban tradition, we would like to welcome our guests with the flavors, fragrances and memories of our island;
  • “protecting the territory” by restoring the trails in our territory. We offer courses to restore the old dry walls, including the cleaning and cultivation of the forest;
  • “Fauna Protection” with ongoing projects for the nesting of various species of birds (bats, marshes, swallows, gray snappers, cabbages, etc.) and the creation of a butterfly garden;
  • “protection of the flora” by the monitoring and maintenance of particularly protected species such as Osmunda Regalis and the creation of a rocky garden;
  • production of vegetables and fruits by biological methods by cultivating antique fruit trees which are low in production but have great organoleptic characteristics;
  • environmental education programs of the didactic farms, which encourage the children of the schools to get to know the many peculiarities of our territory;
  • finally, we focus our energy policy on energy consumption from renewable sources such as solar and wood, alongside the responsible use of water both for crops and in the rooms.
Oscar Ecoturismo 2019
Osmunda Regalis
Fonte di Zeno

Water from the source free for passers-by.